Kasutatud käigukast remondi asemel, mida pead teadma

First of all, you need to make it clear whether this transmission model is suitable for your vehicle.

It is certainly not enough to identify a transmission in such an approach that ‘it fits with the Audi Quattro 2006’ 3 liters, it is also suitable for the X model.

The reason lies in the WIDE variation of transmissions. Even in a car with a similar engine, the transmission of transmission gears may be different or there are used different types of speed sensors.

Transmissions of the transmission mechanics, hydraulic coupling characteristics and control unit specifications are identified by the transmission product code. Often, 3 or 4-letter compounds are also used for this purpose (e.g., the 6-speed FAU transmission). It is definitely important to discuss with the seller before covering the transaction, who will cover the transportation and the like, however, it should be clear that the transmission is not suitable for your car. In our work, we have seen situations where the seller has scraped the three-letter code requested by the buyer to the body of the transmission itself. Unfortunately, this carving does not yet make the transmission suitable for your car.

Be sure to compare the total price

Once you’ve found the transmission you want, make simple math and combine all the costs and compare the TOTAL price for the repair and spare parts.

The repair price, which includes taking down the transmission and putting it on, opening and assembly, new oil, consumables, waste disposal, adaptation and diagnostics, is likely to be available from a repair company.

In order to find the TOTAL price of the used transmission you need to add the following to the purchase price of the used transmission:

  • transport cost
  • the cost of the taking down the old transmission and putting on the new one
  • the cost of opening the old transmission
  • new oil cost
  • preferably the cost of a new filter and external gaskets
  • testing and adaptation costs

It is usually forgotten that the price of a “new” transmission is only half the cost of the later. If the total prices for both scenarios are known, you can really take the risks into account (warranty 2 years vs. 2 weeks warranty) and make a prudent decision.