Maintenance and repair of automatic transmissionsMaintenance and repair of automatic transmissionsDiagnostics, dynamic oil change, spare parts

Do any of those also apply to your car?

  • Engine speeds fluctuate in case of a steady drive
  • There is strong vibration when accelerating
  • When setting off is not smooth but with a shock
  • Engine speed increases with gear change
  • The gear shifting is not smooth, but with a shock

It may not be too late.

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and we will find solutions to these errors.

Hõbenool's team was ready to look again at my car when I called after the repair and said that something is dripping under the car. It turned out that this was, however, a paranoia that came from my stupidity, and all the work was done correctly. It is important to me that not for a moment, nothing was denied, but they were ready to re-examine everything.

Gert Miltop



Tallinn/KadrinaDiagnostics of the automatic transmission

The transmission is the most complex electro-mechanical device of a modern car, being significantly more complex than an engine. At the same time, the transmission is more difficult to diagnose because it has few sensors and transducers to make the vehicle's transmission computer (TCU) perform a self-diagnosis.

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Tallinn/KadrinaTransmission maintenance and dynamic oil change

With the experience of 8 years and over 10 000 automatic transmission's maintenances, we have developed a dynamic oil change method in Hõbenool, which ensures the best quality of maintenance.

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KadrinaRepair and restoration of an automatic transmission

Since dismantling the transmission from the car and putting it back on is a lot of work and a time-consuming job, just like disassembling and assembling the transmission, it forms a substantial part of the repair invoice.

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KadrinaRepair and ristorateon of torque converters/turbines

As it is a closed detail (unavailable to a standard repair shop), car manufacturers do not offer repairing of this part, but it can only be replaced with a new one. Fortunately, however, torque converters can be repaired.

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The transmissions we are dealing with

In our work, we rely on automatic transmission not on car brands

Most of us are able to identify the car brand on the street or at least know what car we own. With automatic transmission, the situation is much more complicated. Often, even repair companies do not know which manufacturer's automatic transmission is under the car. Why is it like that?

Firstly, because they are not as famous as vehicle brands. For example, have you heard of companies called Getrag, BorgWarneg, JATCO, Aisin Seki or ZF? Yet most of the transmissions on cars that drive on Estonian roads come from these factories.

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