oil change in automatic transmission

3 myths about oil change in automatic transmission

Myths are something that professionals in every field must fight with. There is always someone who knows better, and also those who believe those who say that they know better. We are now rejecting three of the most common myths one by one.

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Why is it necessary to maintain an automatic transmission?

In short, a transmission needs to be maintained because the oil inside will be used up. It may sound strange, but when you read on, you’ll find out what happens to the transmission oil. After that, there’s nothing strange about this for you and maybe you are even going to think about your car’s transmission maintenance.

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What is ATF? Why the oil is needed in the automatic transmission?

Transmission oil is not a regular oil, but rather a cocktail with very different ingredients. Therefore, the acronym ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ).

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Why the automatic transmission must be checked before the oil change?

Transmission maintenance is definitely not a miracle cure for the transmission. However, each alarm in transmission may not yet be related to malfunction, but may also be caused by outdated oil. Correct maintenance can alleviate the abnormalities caused by the oil itself or the wear of the transmission.

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Is it necessary to change the transmission oil and how often it must be done?

If you want the transmission to last at least as long as, for example, a vehicle engine, the answer is YES. How often is it necessary to maintain the transmission? For example, the world’s largest transmission manufacturer Aisin Seiki (owned by the Fortune Global 500 list) suggests changing oil even every 2 years and after 20,000 km.

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What services do not tell you about the automatic gearbox oil change?

The transmissions have become so complicated that car manufacturers have no real ability to train highly qualified personnel and buy special equipment in their dealerships around the world.

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Original oils vs newer oils of the automatic transmission

It can be said without exaggeration that there are hundreds of different certificates/codes from oil manufacturers. Even car repair workshops and spare parts sellers cannot navigate there, not to mention the ordinary user.

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What constitutes the price of oil change service?

The price of the service is determined by several components – the time of work (complexity), the cost of spare parts, i.e. the amount of oil, the brand/type of oil, the price of the gasket and the filter.

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Which specific benefits do I get when I change oil vs. don’t change

Transmission oil is not eternal. The marketing term lifetime means that the transmission oil is for a lifetime, not eternal. Unfortunately, its lifetime is not defined anywhere

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