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Myths are something that professionals in every field must fight with. There is always someone who knows better, and also those who believe those who say that they know better. And as unbelievable as it is, there are circulating a lot of misconceptions and rumors even with such a thing as changing the oil of an automatic transmission. We are now rejecting three of the most common myths around. Read, and see if you have ever heard of any of them and believed those.

Myth No. 1. There is no need to touch a working system.

Interesting – interesting. We are asking whether maintenance should be done proactively or when the wear is already intense? Will the engine oil be replaced if it still has the proper features to protect the engine or when you can already see “the smoke from behind”? Should the tires be replaced when the wires are out or if the residual depth of the pattern allows you to move safely?

Here’s our answer to the spreader of the first myth: the problem prevention is in any case cheaper and less stressful than solving it.

Myth No. 2. The dynamic oil change of the transmission loosens the dirt (clogs the filter, solenoids, fine channels).

If those who spread the rumors knew how and what is the workload when changing the oil in the automatic transmission, they wouldn’t talk about that. Interestingly, how does the same dirt does not clog the solenoids or fine channels in the transmission when accelerated in full speed? When changing the oil (when driving on the truck), the load on the transmission is several times less, if not in a dozen times less than when driving a car.

The speed of oil circulation in the transmission is incomparably higher when driving by car than in any oil change process. The only difference is that during the oil change the car is allowed to pump the dirty oil itself (not with the oil change machine). In addition, the dirty filter is changed later, and magnets are cleaned of iron dust.

So, another myth has been successfully proved false. Let’s take a third.

Myth No. 3 The gearbox oil change ruins the transmission.

Distributors of such rumors usually know someone who knows someone with whom this has just happened. We agree that if you change the oil in a poor and actually too worn transmission, the flaw might really get worse, that is, there is a kind of foundation of this myth. But we repeat that the case is about too worn and broken transmissions!

It is therefore very important to test the transmission before changing the oil. We are telling you that if the oil is changed in a transmission that has not been tested enough, it may be a waste of your money, because the transmission may already be too worn out and broken and oil change would no longer change anything.

We believe we have convinced you – these myths have no basis. If you have heard more rumors about the oil change in the automatic transmission, let us know. We either confirm them or prove them false.

And if you had believed in a myth before and postponed the maintenance of your transmission, then come and we will check it out.