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High-quality transmission maintenance saves the transmission from old oil wear and ensures the reliability of the transmission for years to come. Regular transmission maintenance must be performed:

For DSG and CVT 40,000 km – 60,000 km on the usual automatic 80,000 km – 100,000 km or every 7 years. Read more here.

From the experience of 8 years and over 10 000 automatic transmission maintenance experience, we have developed a dynamic oil change method in Hõbenool, which ensures the best quality of service.

Gearbox maintenance and dynamic oil change

Thorough testing is preceded

Before a dynamic oil change, we carry out thorough testing and diagnostics of the vehicle with best specialists in the field to make sure the vehicle’s transmission is in good condition. If it turns out that there are major disturbances in the transmission, the dynamic oil change will not work, and a more thorough repair of a transmission is required.

Statistically, 5-7% of vehicles are late for transmission maintenance.

Dynamic oil change and the process in Hõbenool

In a dynamic oil change process, we use a device that requires an operator with very strong knowledge. The device provides the possibility to maintain different types of transmissions and to use different modes.

An important advantage is the oil change without detergent, which we do not recommend adding to the transmission, because it changes the original chemical composition of the oil. This can cause malfunctions in the clutch operation and it is impossible to get the detergent from the oil.

We only use the new oil for flushing the transmission (as opposed to filtering and flushing the old oil) to ensure that all the old oil is drained from the transmission at the end of the dynamic oil change, thereby eliminating the damage caused by the wear and tear of the transmission caused by the metal dust in the old oil.

After a dynamic oil change, we perform software upgrades and adapt the vehicles for the regular operation.

At the end of the process, we carry out a test drive for each car to verify that the transmission is working regularly and evaluate the results compared to the diagnostics performed at the start of the process.

Dynamic oil change with Hõbenool’s method ensures that:

  • Maintenance is only performed on cars with a transmission that is in good working order and drivable
  • Detergent is not used
  • Best result compared to conventional dynamic method (transmission is cleaner)
  • The amount of time spent on the process and the amount of oil are lesser and therefore the price is lower