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If you have decided to buy a used transmission and made a price calculation, then you have 10 questions to consider:

  1. Who can install the transmission on the car? Is the company where the car is repaired sufficient for this or is it required to involve the dealership afterwards?
  2. Can I replace or replace the filter and gasket or not? For many transmissions, the transmission must be partially dismantled to replace the filter.
  3. Can certain external gaskets be replaced (jaw packing of the input shaft)? It is sensible to replace the gaskets immediately to save you later the 200-300 euros for the replacement of the EUR 10 dripping gasket (the cost of the dismounting and installing the transmission).
  4. How long is the right to file for a claim about a spare part? In Estonia, a 2-year right of claim (also used for spare parts) applies to a private individual. Often, it is “forgotten” by the seller and the buyer does not pay attention to it.
  5. How does the vendor mark the transmission so that it is unambiguous in the case of possible claims that it is still the SAME transmission? It is possible for the seller to make a mark with some color, etc. to make sure that the product is not opened (for details) and that it is really the product it has sold. We also recommend that you mention the serial number of the transmission and other possible indicators that uniquely identify the unit.
  6. Who can make a glycol analysis of the transmission oil? (coolant percentage chemical test in gear oil)
  7. Can the transmission oil sample be taken at all? (requires some bolts to open in some cases)
  8. Is there any compensation for assembly transport when the transmission is faulty (e.g. in the form of the next transmission)? Will it be paid by the seller or will the latter compensate for this by sending it?
  9. Is the seller willing to sign a written purchase agreement and issue an invoice? See that you do not receive an “offer” instead of an invoice! A private person can also sell his/her own movable property – certainly DON’T buy with an oral agreement!
  10. Is the seller a private person or a company? Give preference to the business because you are protected by the Consumer Protection Act. We also advise you to ask a repair company where your car is at the moment, as they may also have important information about the seller.

If you decide to use a “new” used transmission, it is extremely important to have a WRITTEN PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT where the points 1-8 are fixed. Believe it, it is necessary, and it protects your own back, even if some points seem superfluous.