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The cost of the transmission’s repair is comprised of three large groups:

  • Dismounting and installing the transmission
  • Opening and assembling the transmission
  • Spare and cost components of the transmission

Dismounting and installing the transmission

Dismounting and installing time for the transmissions is different for vehicles, ranging from 4 to 6 h for simpler cars, but for more complicated cars (e.g. large V8 turbo engines) it can even reach 15-20 hours.

Usually the transmission can be taken down and mounted in 8-10 hours. Car manufacturers have worked out standard work times, which, for example, should be monitored by a brand agency. It should also be borne in mind that they are intended for new and second-hand cars in western Europe, which do not have a 10-year-old rust and a thick layer of mud.

Opening and assembly of the transmission

Here, too, the time spent working on simpler jobs varies from 3-4 hours to 10-12 hours. Only very few car manufacturers have standard work on opening and assembling transmissions by timetables. In most cases, the transmission can be opened and assembled in 8-10 hours.

Spare parts and wearing parts of the transmission

The amount and cost of transmission’s spare parts depends on the size of the damage, the repair company (whether we only replace the broken part or pay more attention to other worn parts) and the selling prices of the transmission’s spare parts (read: the manufacturer’s thirst for profit).

So, it is no wonder that the simpler repairs of transmission are less than € 1,000 and the upper limit can be over € 3,000.

There are also cases where the transmission can no longer be repaired because the vital components are too badly damaged.