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What to do if an automatic transmission is broken

Pay attention to the age and value of the car (price now with a broken transmission and price with a transmission that is in order). It is important to consider the different options and to DEFINITELY estimate the TOTAL financial cost and also the time spent!

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10 tips for the buyer of a used transmission

If you have decided to buy a used transmission and made a price calculation, then you have 10 questions to consider.

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Used gearbox instead of repair?

The used gearbox is, in some cases, more sensible than repair, but you should make clear what you need to consider when purchasing it.

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Automatic transmission repair price and its formation

Automatic transmission repair cost is comprised of three large groups: dismounting and installing the transmission, opening and assembling the transmission, and spare and cost components of the transmission.

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Unfamiliar fluid (water or coolant) in the transmission!

How does an unfamiliar fluid gets into the transmission, how to control it and what to do in such a case?

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Because of what the main automatic transmission errors arise?

Most of automatic transmission errors are due to outdated oil, i.e. situation where some of the properties of the oil are above the critical limit.

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