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What is an oil friction factor of an automatic transmission?

The lifetime of the clutches and the maximum capability to transfer the force from the engine to the wheels depend mainly on the friction characteristic of the discs. Thus, the clutch engagement is critical and one of the most important features of the transmission.

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Transmission fluid level and how to check it

Adequate transmission fluid level is like A and O – it is absolutely necessary for the transmission to work! The transmission oil pump must be able to suck oil freely when cold as well as when hot, while driving in a curve and being inclined. Transmission oil is like a circulatory system, without which the transmission does not work.

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7 questions to the gearbox service company

There are certainly many trustworthy gearbox service companies in Estonia, but there are also some who might be worthy of staying away. Here are some suggestions on how to distinguish grains from the husks.

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Automatic transmission and automatic transmission types

All transmission have one common line – different transmission speed depending on the need and the possibility to change the direction of wheel (reverse gear). There are in fact different types of transmissions and it is more common to distinguish between them according to whether the traction is interrupted or not at the moment of changing the gear.

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CVT – Continuously Variable Transmission

Leonardo da Vinci actually designed the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in 1490. The first patent, on the other hand, was taken by Daimler and Benz 1886, but it became popular only in the 1950s when the Dutch company van Doorne introduced the transmission to its DAF buses without gears.

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Dual-clutch transmission (DCT or DSG)

The history of dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) dates back to the First World War, but the first running transmissions were made for racing cars in the 1980s. Over the past decade, this type of transmission has made a very strong comeback and has increased its share in the market.

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Planetary automatic transmission

Planetary automatic transmission is the most sophisticated transmission type that uses different gear mechanisms (planetaries) to achieve different transmissions or gears.

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What is ATF? Why the oil is needed in the automatic transmission?

Transmission oil is not a regular oil, but rather a cocktail with very different ingredients. Therefore, the acronym ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ).

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Why the automatic transmission must be checked before the oil change?

Transmission maintenance is definitely not a miracle cure for the transmission. However, each alarm in transmission may not yet be related to malfunction, but may also be caused by outdated oil. Correct maintenance can alleviate the abnormalities caused by the oil itself or the wear of the transmission.

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Automatic Transmission Software – what is at stake

Automatic transmission software is controlled by a computer that, in accordance with the information coming from the engine, decides which gear, when and how to turn. Seems easy? Unfortunately, the transmission situation is constantly changing, which makes it quite complicated.

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The machinery and equipment of Hõbenool

Hõbenool uses special automatic transmission maintenance and repair equipment in its work. We give you a brief overview, starting with a more complex one and moving towards a simpler one.

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How long is the lifespan of an automatic transmission?

Car manufacturers design (taking into account the average user) transmission as weak as possible and as durable as necessary to ensure minimum costs during the warranty period. They are trying to operate opposing parameters.

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